Tony Snow, who passed away this morning, was relentlessly hopeful and optimistic — about everything — his life, his family, his country, and his God.
I had a chance to have lunch with him one-on-one before he spoke at The Center for Arizona Policy dinner in 2001. Despite his fame as a Fox News anchor, Tony was incredibly humble. He shared with me his growing faith in God, his commitment to his family, and his desire to make every day count – years before he was diagnosed with cancer.
Less than three months ago I had a chance to renew the acquaintance when he returned to Arizona to speak to the 2008 Center for Arizona Policy dinner. His incredibly optimistic remarks can be listened to here.
He was gifted as a writer, speaker and advocate. He spoke without any notes, and was more articulate than virtually anyone. He was an example of a Christian leader who held firm to his principles, but demonstrated compassion and civility to all.
For his family, his friends and his fans, the loss of Tony Snow to colon cancer at age 53 is a tragedy. But for Tony, today is the day he experiences the reality and the fulfillment of the hope, optimism and joy that radiated from his life. Well done.