It’s time to pay the piper for the spending binge Arizona has been on for the past six years.
Our Governor’s insatiable appetite for new spending requires new sources of revenue. Since raising taxes directly is unpopular, we are now relying on Big Brother to help out — new photo radar cameras throughout Arizona:

“Arizona is the first U.S. state to implement a state-wide photo radar system …”.

You know, if government cameras followed all of us everywhere, we could catch every crime ever committed. Is that the brave new world we are heading for?
But more significantly for the moment, our state’s spending is now dependent on you doing bad things. Since most of our elected officeholders of both parties seem to enjoy using taxpayer funds to build their own name ID for future elections by producing feel-good public service announcements, I have an idea — produce a PSA encouraging people to speed more … so we can fund schools. For the children.