As I said in an earlier post, ignore the polls until much later — September for the primary election and late October for the general election. Because the people who take polls get paid by media outlets that like to report on polls rather than actual news, you will see polls about political races that are very premature and essentially meaningless.
An example is our current race. We have a Governor who receives fawning media coverage day after day and as an incumbent has universal name ID. Then you have several Republican candidates attempting to lay the foundation for campaigns in the fall.
No Republican has started spending significant money to raise awareness and name ID. Only political people, which are a tiny percentage of the population, are paying attention to the race. And as has been reported elsewhere, the mainstream media is largely ignoring legitimate news from Republican candidates.
So without spending any money and without receiving much coverage in the mainstream media and without anyone paying attention (after all the Suns are in the playoffs!), it is ridiculous to be polling this race yet.
Except for this — pollsters get paid to take polls, often by the media outlets who like to write about polls.

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