Democratic presidential candidates have figured out a new way to avoid hard questions — don’t appear in any media forum where you might have to respond to a conservative query. Obama, Clinton and Edwards have all said they will not debate on Fox News, even though the Congressional Black Caucus was co-sponsoring the event.
Here’s my favorite part of the story: an Obama aide said “CNN seemed like a more appropriate venue.” Exactly — a reliably liberal station with few viewers.
If someone had told me during last year’s governor’s race that I should skip all hostile media interviews, I would have been limited to a couple of radio stations and some rural newspapers. But the double-standard persists — Republican candidates are expected to participate no matter how hostile the set-up; Democrats just refuse to show up.

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  1. Democrats are just afraid of getting caught with their foot in their mouths.
    I went to plenty of debates/rallies for ’06, and if the crowd was liberal friendly, then some people like Grijalva and Giffords just let loose into a frenzy of Bush bashing and such. But as soon as they realized a crowd was actually there to hear the candidates debate, boy did those flabby liberal mouths pucker up.


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