The most unsettling thing about this Hillary Clinton clip is not the pretend southern twang. It’s the notion that the most scandal-ridden First Lady in American history has the audacity to act as if she can bring integrity to the White House.
Are we that forgetful? From Whitewater to fingerprints on long-missing subpoened documents to Travelgate, Hillary Clinton managed to take a ceremonial position and turn it into an embarrassing and ongoing experiment in the abuse of power.

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  1. It interests me that Rosie O can imitate Chinese and others can be admonished for racial jokes, but Hilary can “identify with black folks” by talking about cleaning and dirt under the rug and mimic “black” talk. That is much more offensive than those who are found in the wrong for describing a an educated African-American as “articulate”. Why is she not held to the same standard? Why do African Americans applaud her as she imitates them, just short of shoe polish “black face” Why does the media not question this as they do others?