Put me in front of a camera with liberal state Rep. Kirsten Sinema and conservative Rep. Russell Pearce and you have an explosive conversation, and hopefully some good TV. Unfortunately, we were only talking about high gas prices and the death penalty, but it was still pretty lively.
You can see KPNX’s “Sunday Square Off” in Phoenix on Channel 12 and judge for yourself at 8 a.m. Sunday.


  1. I was shocked last Tuesday when I got this e-mail from my good friend Bob Smith. “Our Son Robert Is With JESUS, and We’ll See Him There Soon. Praise The LORD”.
    You see Robert was a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine helicopter pilot killed in a crash while protecting our border in Texas in a war no less serious than the war in the Middle East.
    With a son who just returned from his sixth Middle East tour as a Captain in the Air Force, we military and civil servant parents live in the reality that our children may not return to us as the choice they made to serve their country puts them at high risk.
    If not for the promises of our Dear Savior, who could bear such a burden?
    Bob, your son did not die in vain, and yes, we will see him in heaven.


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