So Opie and Anthony have apologized. I dont mind edgy humor, but there is simply nothing funny or edgy about grown men giggling about graphically and violently raping Condoleeza Rice and Laura Bush. These guys are sick.
And it’s disappointing to hear Sean Hannity downplaying such offensive conduct. Hannity is concerned because liberal groups are monitoring conservative talk show hosts and trying to find something they say that can be used to exert public pressure on conservative hosts to get them off the air. We have to be wiling to make the case for rational, civil conservative arguments as opposed to juvenile, grotesque indecency.


  1. Everyone needs to worry about themselves and not what people say on the radio, there is a lot worse things that go on in this world, but yet people always bitch and moan about what they here on the radio. If you dont like it don’t listen to it, its pretty simple.Everbody has to put there two cents in on a pair of radio hosts that they don’t listen to, but will jump on the bandwagon to scorn them. Seriously its getting old

  2. Len, You have my vote on this one!
    Happy Mother’s Day to your wife and family.
    be blessed!

  3. In response to Mark:
    Mark, this is about more than simply changing the dial if we don’t like what we hear. Such comments by Opie and Anthony are indicative of a culture in moral decline. Surely, such comments are not something that anyone would want his or her children to hear. Unless we oppose such filth steadfastly, our children will grow up with no moral compass, believing that such talk and, God forbid, actions are okay and normal.

  4. I understand kids don’t need to listen to this, but at the same time it was aired on xm satellite radio. Thus meaning you must pay to listen, if young ears are listening to this on xm maybe parents should be monitoring what there children listen to.Xm202 is also available to be blocked by the owner.


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