This 2002 video making the rounds on YouTube shows Ann Romney reassuring pro-choice women in Massachusetts that Mitt will be “just fine” on social issues. If that’s not clear enough, Mitt declares his “unequivocal” commitment to protecting a woman’s right to choose.
And in this 2002 debate video, he vigorously disputes accepting a pro-life endorsement and gets angry when his pro-choice commitment is challenged.
I really want to believe him when he says he is now pro-life. But these videos are making it pretty hard. It’s not just how recent these videos are, it is the absolute firmness of his convictions that is troubling. That’s because they demonstrate a seasoned politician who has given a great deal of thought to the issue of abortion, and has declared which side he is on.

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  1. Len,
    For all of the reasons you state below–terrific marriage, father of five, valedictorian of BYU, life long member of a pro-life church (even a Bishop and a Stake President in that church)–where do you think Romney is more comfortable? As a pro-life Republican candidate running for President, or as a “I will not work to change the current status of the law” Republican candidate running for governor of Massachussets?
    To be concerned that Romney is not pro-life is to ignore the obvious.
    Now, you may be concerned about why Romney, given his pro-life beliefs, did not challenge Massachussets’ pro-choice policies during his candidacy for governor, but that is a concern you do not appear to be raising in this post.


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