Lightning strikes while Rudy Guiliani challenges a Catholic Bishop’s criticism of his opposition to the sanctity of life. (Notice Sen. McCain and Gov. Romney wisely backing away from Guiliani’s podium.)
Despite this evidence, and to prove CNN’s total obliviousness to reality, Wolf Blitzer still had to ask Gov. Huckabee whether he believed in God.


  1. Amazing!
    Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, when did you lose your way?

  2. The Conservative Majority will be supporting Governor Huckabee.

  3. We need a president with better than average morals and judgment. I agree with Rudy, abortion is wrong. I also agree that there is a lot more about abortion to think about. There is the desperate moment when a woman considers abortion’s sales pitch, issues of justice, religion and constitution. Also there is the cost of abortion. Since 1972, the 48 million children killed by abortion make a huge hole in our country.
    Tough questions need to be considered. When is it right to terminate the life of a human? Is a religious mandate a just cause to either kill or save a life? Is the death penalty wise or just? Is killing for a career or scientific profit worth the cost? And what if a fetus really is a living, innocent human being?
    There is an answer to abortion and it takes all of us to make it work. At home, we need to raise a better American man, the kind that loves his children and his pregnant partner. We all benefit from well loved children and kind of men that know how to keep intimate trusts.
    In government, we need gentile solutions that support life and protect the innocent. I think, Rudy needs to spend more time thinking about how to encourage life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I know that I want to vote for a president gets it.


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