Earth worship faced off with God worship today and the Creator won. In Al Gore’s hometown, no less.
John Lennon once said he was more popular than Jesus. Based on what happened today it’s pretty clear he was wrong. Some of the world’s biggest rock stars drew a smaller crowd in London’s Wembley Stadium than a simple gathering of Christians in Nashville that focused on God, not man.
There was wall-to-wall pre-event promotion and coverage of Live Earth, Al Gore’s scientifically challenged attempt to blame humans for global warming. By contrast, the Nashville focus on personal repentance and prayer for our nation had no national publicity and was basically ignored today by the mainstream media.
Which is fine. I know some of the hundreds of Arizonans who made the pilgrimage to Nashville, and they weren’t there to get media coverage. They were there to worship and pray.
Somewhere down the road we’ll know which event had more impact on the world.


  1. God forgives.
    Mother Nature gets even.

  2. Len, I found the British review of the London event quite different than the one put out by AP and carried in the AZ Republic. I think the Time on Line report is more believable.

  3. I understand that Al Gore once studied seminary.
    What does it profit a man…..?


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