Political scandals of recent years demonstrate that the abuse of power is a non-partisan issue — Democrats and Republicans alike have been accused of using their positions of influence to receive money and sex. Our Founding Fathers showed great wisdom in devising a government that separated powers in a way intended to prevent individuals from amassing too much power. But we have expanded governmental power far beyond what our Founding Fathers anticipated, leading to greater temptations and greater abuses.
Some of the resignations and retirements occurring now are long overdue, and many more are needed. We need more public servants in the mold of another person who is leaving his position today — White House Spokesman Tony Snow. I had lunch with Tony when he accepted my invitation to speak at a dinner event, and found him to be thoughtful, humble and genuinely committed to his faith and family. More important even than the obvious rhetorical gifts he displayed in his role at the White House, his willingness to leave a lucrative media career to serve the President, and his perseverance and optimism in the face of cancer, should be an inspiration to all who seek to serve our nation in the political realm.


  1. Our prayers are definitely with Tony Snow and his family. He is proof that not all in Washington are corrupt or are there for the power. He certainly is an inspiration.

  2. Mr. Snow and his family are in our prayers as they face this mountain.


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