Back at the height of the Cold War I remember joking with my young conservative friends that the Democratic national ticket was endorsed by Pravda — the newspaper controlled by the Soviet Communist Party.
Now it’s really happening. A Communist leader, Fidel Castro, has endorsed the possible ticket of Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama for president and vice president.
Castro is of course finally saying what everyone knows and yet somehow doesn’t want to mention as if it would be impolite: the enemies of the United States, those who wish bad things for our nation — from Al Qaida to Iran to North Korea to Cuba — would prefer to see a Democrat in the White House.
Why is this? I suspect it is because our enemies understand that one party generally has a greater commitment to national security, whereas the other has a sizable constituency of well-meaning but naive citizens who would rather appease than engage.
But if I were a Democrat, this would really bother me.

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