I’m dating myself, but who remembers the Star Trek episode where the Nomad space probe collides with an alien probe, causing it to seek to “sterilize imperfections” in the universe? Capt. Kirk outwits Nomad by showing that he is not its creator, as the probe had believed. Nomad, realizing it is imperfect, carries out its mission by destroying itself.
I’m wondering if this applies to Clean Elections. Having used its “death penalty” power to remove a legislator from office who overspent by more than 10 percent, I’m curious whether the Clean Elections Commission should destroy itself now that we know it spent much more than 10 percent over what it reported to the state?


  1. It’s disconcerting (though probably not surprising) to discover that Clean Elections could be this egregious with their accounting. Their decisions affect campaigns and outcomes on many levels in our state. Is Clean Elections on the level, or are they playing Fizbinn? (You started the Trek analogies Len!)

  2. This doesn’t suprise me at all.

  3. I wonder if they will drag themselves through the mud in the press, without due process, negotiate a settlement among themselves, then decide that they have themselves over a barrel and triple the settlement. Probably not!