Random musings from last night’s Democratic debate:
— Two words I heard last night that are destined to never have their own entry on Wikipedia: “Dodd Administration.”
— The more time they give to Dennis Kucinich the more rational Hillary looks.
— In consecutive debates, Hillary and Obama have stumbled all over the issue of drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer does an immediate about-face on his plan to give licenses to illegal aliens when his poll numbers dive. I have two questions: Do you really need to wait for polling data to know how to answer that question? And second, where was the media fanfare last year when we pointed out that Gov. Napolitano said she would “happily” sign a bill that gave drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants ? (I allow myself one campaign gripe every quarter … I’m good til January now.)

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  1. On my radio show yesterday, a caller mentioned that Gov. Napolitano made that statement again recently. I did not hear it myself. As Chairman, I can tell you that drivers licences for illegals are a non-starter in the Senate Transportation Committee.


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