My column on faith and politics was picked up today by The Arizona Republic. A few lines were edited for space, including:

“As an evangelical leader, I strongly supported Matt Salmon, a member of the LDS church, when he ran for Governor in 2002. And I was honored that many prominent Mormon leaders, including dozens of elected officials, wrote a letter endorsing me in 2006.”

Also edited out were these lines:

“Secular liberals would like nothing more than to destroy the ‘faith and values’ coalition that was instrumental in electing Republicans in the last two presidential elections.”

and this concluding sentence:

“Republicans must not fall into the trap set by liberals who want us to destroy each other politically because of our theological differences.”

You can read the entire article in context here.


  1. Len,
    Thank you for your insightful column in the Republic. As a Mormon, I have long felt the need for consensus building among people of all faiths. Clear thinking by respected voices such as yours helps to eliminate divisive feelings which neutralize our much needed efforts in reaching common goals.
    Wilford Andersen

  2. It’s true. The media is playing up the theological differences between the Republican candidates to create friction, and some of the candidates themselves have fallen into this trap.
    However, there is a philosophical battle being waged for the heart and soul of the Republican party and it is the other issues that are at the root of voter’s dissatisfaction with most of the front running candidates.
    The future leadership of the party of Reagan is within the grasp of moderate and liberal Republicans. Huckabee, Guiliani, Romney, and McCain are not conservatives and that is why the base is not happy.
    The various coalition groups within the Republican party will be offended during this battle without the help of the media, until we come to consensus on a candidate.
    I dislike the choice of Romney, because he can not be trusted to govern like a conservative, due to his history. The fact that he is a Mormon has nothing to do with it.
    Len, your article was great. I know you are not doing this, but other commentators are suggesting that Christian conservatives are bigots for not supporting Romney. I can’t support him because he is a moderate flip flopper.
    For the record, I am a Christian who also supported Matt Salmon in 2002.
    For me in 2008, Fred Thompson is the only true conservative choice. He has shrewdly stayed above the “religous debate”, and will be able to unite the Republican party when nominated.


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