Sunday’s “Viewpoints” section of the Republic had articles from Gov. Napolitano and legislative leaders about the upcoming session, with much of the ink going to the issue of how to solve the state’s billion-dollar budget deficit.
Last week’s cliche in the presidential race was “change.” This week’s cliche in Arizona politics appears to relate to whose back the budget should not be balanced upon.
Gov. Napolitano leads off by attacking Republican proposals she believes would “balance the budget on the backs of Arizona’s children.” Ouch.
Sen. President Tim Bee says we can’t “right this ship on the backs of working families.” House Speaker Jim Weiers is concerned about high property taxes — “With homeowners fighting to stay in their homes, the last thing the state should do is balance the budget on their backs.”
As a “homeowner” who is part of a “working family” that has lots of “Arizona’s children” I’m glad so many elected leaders have our respective backs.
But then how did we get into this huge deficit to begin with?


  1. And why are they just now dealing with this? Why no special session when the budget shortfall for THIS year became so apparent?

  2. Good point!

  3. Will the next Secretary of State step up when the Governor is out of state, and work to unite the Republican Party behind a balanced budget during a special session? How about calling for a special session to stand up for the sanctity of life? Stay tuned, I think the next SOS will have the courage to do these things.


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