Hillary Clinton can’t win the Democratic nomination without looking like she and Bill stole it. And now Barack Obama is trying to explain why his closest spiritual advisor and mentor hates America.
The Democrats must be getting worried if they are spending time trying to convince courts that John McCain is not eligible to run for President.
Talk about a loser argument. Not only is there no legal basis for the claim, all these lawsuits will serve to do is remind everyone that John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone because he is the son and grandson of decorated Navy admirals who have fought for America all over the world.
I remember in 1982 when some political opponents tried to claim McCain was a “carpetbagger.” He apologized for being new to Arizona, then pointed out that as a “navy brat” he had moved constantly during his youth and that the longest time he had ever lived in the same place in his life was in the “Hanoi Hilton” as a POW. Obviously the attack backfired.
The Democrats won’t feel any better when they see this ad.

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