The New York Post has created a boxing match between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that you can play on your computer. (I won with both candidates just so I’d have a chance to KO both of them.) If you’re having a stressful day, give it a try.
In another sign of desperation, Drudge is reporting that Hillary Clinton will take on the “vast right-wing conspiracy” by appearing on the Bill O’Reilly show Wednesday night on Fox News. When that’s through she may look worse than she does after getting knocked around in the New York Post game.

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  1. Len,
    Glad you’re back. Arizona needs ya.
    I see you were right about McCain. The principled man that he demonstrated in Vietnam is shining through the haze of battle.
    Contrast, Obama shows he’s not ready for office and Hillary shows she’ll say and do anything to attain office.
    Conclusion, principle trumps blind ambition.


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