I thought John McCain’s strong conservative performance at Rick Warren’s faith forum — contrasted with Barack Obama’s hedging and ducking — should have settled the issue for conservatives and evangelicals.
But if there was any remaining doubt, Sen. McCain has proved once again with his choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate that he intends to govern as the pro-life, pro-family conservative he has proven himself to be over a 26-year political career.
But he will be a conservative with an independent, reformer streak who will sometimes do the unpredictable.
Gov. Palin is a 44-year-old mother of five with a strong reputation as a conservative reformer who has taken on entrenched special interests in Alaska. She will be the only person on the national ticket with executive experience as a Governor.
And in a year when a woman almost became the Democratic nominee but was snubbed for vice president, it will be the Republicans who have a chance to elect the first woman on a national ticket.
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  1. As a lifelong conservative I am excited to see my home-state Senator John McCain choose Governor Palin as his running mate. As a former Marine I am pleased to have a commander of the Alaskan National Guard with a child in-theater to be a possible second in command to our Commander in Chief of all the armed forces, who himself has a son in-theater. As a gun owner and active defender of every individual’s right to keep and bear arms, I am delighted to see her record on gun rights. And as a Christian I am thankful Gov. Palin was selected over other choices Sen. McCain could have chosen. This is good for America, and I believe good for the Republican Party.

  2. There are those of us who could care less about McCain and his running mate – or Obama and his, for that matter – because we see little difference between the two.
    I, for one, will still vote for the Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr.

  3. EoGuy:
    Well then, your vote is a wasted vote and 5 months from now will make absolutely no difference.
    So much for clanging cymbals.

  4. Excellent E-mail, Len. Gov. Palin’s nomination has brought me back to what I saw (pre Palin) as a candidate lacking Republican values, and judgement. I belive GOD’s hand is in this, and now mine will be too. Palin on the ticket will insure the victory,
    and when they are in office, GOD’s hand is on the heartbeat.
    Be Blessed,

  5. Let’s be honest. McCain is not very conservative. We shouldn’t pretend that he is. He may be consistently pro-life, but it isn’t something he has ever fought for. Not something like attacking the first ammendment, preventing conservative judges from making it on the court, or giving amnesty to illegals. I won’t be voting for McCain, but I probably would if I didn’t live in AZ. I figure if he can’t win AZ without my help then he has much bigger problems. I hope Obama loses, and if he does then we need to be prepared to fight McCain and keep him from being a maverick.