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It’s football season, so we take a brief break from politics. I’ve noticed that the newspaper stories about my kids are usually more fun to read than the ones about me. I even like the headline.
Munsil looks for even better year
by Katherine Torres – Sept. 22, 2008 11:07 AM
The Arizona Republic
Michael Munsil stands sturdy as a 6-foot-1, 255-pound lineman, and knows how to use that body when it comes to playing football for Phoenix Scottsdale Christian.
“He’s a tremendous football player, great knowledge of football defensively and he’s got goals to get better each week,” said head coach Jeff Fox.
Last season, Munsil led the team with 112 tackles and also recorded three sacks, earning all-state recognition.
“I think I did pretty good last year,” Munsil said. “I’m going to try and get a few more sacks this year and I’m going to try to match the amount of tackles I had last year.”
So far this season, he has put himself well on his way of accomplishing that goal.
Munsil also shows his versatility by playing on the offensive side of the ball, where his main task is protecting his teammate, quarterback Jacob Storrer.
Now as a senior, he is preparing for what’s in store for him after high school.
“I’ve been talking with several schools, Dartmouth, Air Force, Army. Those are the top ones,” Munsil said.
While thinking ahead, Munsil is still focused on his senior year at Scottsdale Christian.
“I’m really looking forward to just getting to play with my friends who are seniors and going out and winning some games and going pretty deep in the playoffs,” Munsil said.
Munsil and rest of the Scottsdale Christian team have a good chance of “going deep” in the playoffs this season. Last season, the team went 8-1 and made it to the first round of the Class 2A playoffs before being defeated by Bisbee. The team also won the region championship last year.
In its first two games this season, the team is off to another good start, as it has defeated Tonopah Valley and Phoenix Arizona Lutheran, already showing itself as a dominant force in 2A play.
Fox knows Munsil has the ability to be a force on offense and defense this season.
“He has the ability to be a dominating ballplayer for us and certainly those are things that you need to have to be a successful football team,” Fox said.


  1. Can never go wrong cheering for our kids!

  2. Congratulations Mike!
    I recommend that United State Air Force Academy.
    They have a great coaching staff and a history of beating Army.


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