Asked Sunday why Sen. Obama does not agree to a series of Town Hall meetings with Sen. McCain, Democratic Party vice presidential nominee Joe Biden said answering that was “above [his] pay grade.”
Why he chose to remind voters of Sen. Obama’s widely criticized ducking of a question about when babies should receive human rights is beyond me. But in the same interview, Biden also demonstrated why most public policy questions are probably above his pay grade.
He did so with some of the most flawed reasoning imaginable — on the same issue of abortion. According to the New York Times:

Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic nominee for vice president, departed Sunday from party doctrine on abortion rights, declaring that as a Catholic, he believes life begins at conception. But the Delaware senator added that he would not impose his personal views on others, and had indeed voted against curtailing abortion rights and against criminalizing abortion.

This is the worst and most inhumane of all positions on abortion. Those who argue that what occurs in a mother’s womb is nothing but a blob of tissue until, at birth, it magically becomes a human child are wrong as a matter of science, reason and ethics. But at least they are consistent when they conclude that their “blob of tissue” can legally be removed and destroyed.
For someone to conclude that a human life is at stake, as Biden does, but then refuse to prevent the taking of that human life is beyond morally reprehensible. It is the height of political cowardice, hidden under the dismissive, politically correct nod to enlightened tolerance — being unwilling to “impose his values” on others.
It is cowardly because Biden has reached a conclusion at odds with his Party and with the prevailing culture, and for him to act on that conclusion would be politically costly. If you are wondering how Joe Biden would have stood up to a culture that embraced human slavery, you need wonder no longer – he would have been unwilling to “impose his values” on others.

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  1. The obfuscation is amazing.
    Biden now admits that life begins at conception but he says as a public official he can’t impose his views on any one else.
    Gee, does he believe murder is wrong? How about stealing? How about everything else the government has laws against.
    Well, time to let out ALL prisoners because the government has no right imposing its views on others and therefore, no one is guilty of anything because its just a matter of opinion. Now there’s change we can believe in.
    Look, Biden’s answer may be what pro-aborts want to hear, however, this guy has definitely just disqualified himself from public office as he is grossly incompetent and cannot be trusted.


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