Greg over at EspressoPundit is wondering “Where’s Janet?”
I wanted to let him know that I just happened to click on Fox News a few minutes ago and saw the Governor — (she was in front of an Arizona background in the TV studio, so I think that means she is here). I saw her saying, “A number of these things that should have been debated and decided over the last several years, and they haven’t been, things have been allowed to fester …” and I thought “Great – she’s finally getting off the Obama campaign jet and dealing with the looming Arizona budget crisis.”
But alas, she was simply repeating Obama talking points about the fiscal crisis in Washington rather than dealing with the consequences of her decisions over the past six years that have spent the state of Arizona into bankruptcy.
Then it got funnier, as she went on to insist that Friday’s presidential debate go on as scheduled, because “these candidates should both be prepared to debate …”.
That was amusing for two reasons. First, because John McCain has been asking Barack Obama to appear with him at a series of 10 town hall meetings for months now, and Obama has refused. And second, because when I ran against Napolitano in 2006, I had proposed a series of 10 debates. She only agreed to do three, then went back on her promise and canceled the third debate.
Apparently, for Obama and Napolitano, candidates should only be “prepared to debate” when it benefits them politically.

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