Media hordes are descending on Alaska looking under every shrub to find evidence of something Gov. Sarah Palin has done wrong (I’m waiting for the media to track down and interview animal family members of caribous and moose she hunted). Meanwhile, where are the media hordes descending on Delaware to look into:
1) Barack Obama’s success in getting millions of dollars of earmarks for Joe Biden’s lobbyist son;
2) Joe Biden’s huge ethical lapses — a history of plagiarism and distortion of his own record – that drove him from the presidential race in 1988;
3) Joe Biden’s apparently careless and false reference to the other driver being “drunk” in the accident that tragically killed his wife and infant daughter.
Never before in political history has a candidate with so many ethical lapses and misstatements been added to a national ticket and then essentially given a free pass by the national media.

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  1. The modern day version of a witch hunt.
    Liberals are just showing their true colors and none of us, especially women, should be surprised. Terrified, yes, suprised, no.


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