I was not surprised to watch some of the Beltway pundits react with horror and dismay to Sarah Palin’s performance last night. MSNBC was hilarious — Chris Matthews insulted her by saying she sounded like she was reciting and spellling out words in a spelling bee; another commentator said she was “inhuman” in her treatment of Biden. Watch the response of these undecided voters to Palin, and you will see why they hate her:


  1. I watched Olberman’s intro, that was enough. They are scared!

  2. Biden came across as a slick, lying, power addicted and entrenched Washington DC politician. The majority of Americans are so sick of these types as evidenced by the single digit Congressional approval rating.
    Palin came across simply as being an honest person who will do what she says she promised about being a reformer and a listener of the people. She’s a quick study and I believe would make a great VP.
    It’s up to us now to reject Biden, a politician willing to lie to a national audience.
    We must now support McCain-Palin and then hold them strictly accountable to cut spending, reduce taxes, prosecute corruption, win the war on terrorrism, and most importantly, appoint Justices to te Supreme Court who will interpret the Constitiution and not rewrite it.