The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is dumping millions of dollars into Arizona Congressional races this year, trying to convince you that Rep. John Shadegg, David Schweikert, Sen. Tim Bee and Sydney Hay are corrupt, unprincipled, horrible people.
You’ve seen the ads. Jarring music. Statements taken out of context. Lies and distortions promoted as truth.
I’ve known John Shadegg and Sydney Hay for more than 20 years, and David Schweikert and Tim Bee for more than a decade. I’ve worked with them and watched them operate with integrity, even behind closed doors when no one else was watching. I’ve seen them consistently promote principle over political expediency.
That’s what makes most of these attack ads ridiculously ironic. For example, to accuse John Shadegg, of all Congressman, of promoting Party over principle is utterly ridiculous. He has taken more hits and abuse from Republican Party leadership over the past 14 years because he has been one of the few who was willing to stand up to them in order to promote conservative principle.
Schweikert and Hay are long-time committed, principled conservative activists who embrace limited government and traditional values. Bee is a man of deep faith and personal integrity who has done his best to promote conservative principle in a difficult environment, while being committed to personal civility.
To see these good people maligned by a daily barrage of false attack ads is deeply discouraging. You can help them respond by volunteering time, getting a bumper sticker or yard sign, or making a donation to their campaigns.
Congressman John Shadegg
David Schweikert
Tim Bee
Sydney Hay

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