The hand-wringing at the Arizona Republic over the possible departure of Gov. Janet Napolitano for Washington D.C. is reaching fever pitch. Today’s front-page, supposedly neutral, objective headline would fit better in a campaign ad: “Napolitano advanced cause of education.”
Evidence: “About a million Arizona children have a book at home that they received from Gov. Janet Napolitano. Beginning in 2003, Napolitano gave every first-grade student in Arizona a free storybook and later extended her program to fourth-graders.”
Actually, the book was a gift from Arizona taxpayers, not the Governor. But she managed to include a letter with her name and photograph to millions of parents, at our expense — and during election years, the “gift” would always arrive just before early balloting.
This type of non-critical, fawning media coverage — which is simply never applied to conservatives — helps explain why a Governor who has failed to improve our state’s ranking on education, Child Protective Services, transportation and crime while spending us into a huge budget deficit can still hold a 70 percent approval rating.

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  1. Maybe Ms. Napolitano will give every child in the country a WWOD (What Would Obama Do)rubber bracelet (or ducky) to remind them of just who we so desperately need right now.
    Let’s see; 75 million children at $1.00 per bracelet + $10.00 per bracelet bureaucratic cost = $825,000,000. Go Jano!
    We’ll call it the Department of Redundancy Department and the program’s catch phrase will be “Jano Draino” or how to flush other people’s money down the crapper.