The Catholic Church was quick to condemn President Obama’s repeal of an executive order that prevented our tax dollars from paying for overseas abortions.
Whether you are pro-life or not — given the state of our economy, and the size of our national debt — should making sure Americans pay for abortions for foreign women be at the top of our spending priorities?

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  1. In a few short years we have gone from a country that spread the Gospel of Life to now, the Gospel of Abortion.
    Our nation is sick and may not recover.
    In my opinion, the American church bears the full responsibilty of this paradigm shift.
    Why, because we ignored the cries of the unborn and their innocent blood now cries out for vengeance from a polluted land.
    The solution? Mass confession and repentance to a holy God.
    How will this be brought about? Only by great suffering and it has begun.
    You were warned.