Last week I noted on my Facebook status update that my daughter Leigh was preparing to preside as Editor in Chief over “Camp State Press” — the annual pre-semester gathering of dozens of paid student journalists who put out the daily newspaper at ASU for more than 60,000 students, and thousands of faculty and staff.
“Camp State Press” is where, 25 years ago, I first set eyes on the beautiful and talented Tracy Fletcher — now my wife and mother of our large (by current standards only) family of eight children. Of course she was Editor in Chief, and my boss. The next year I was editor and ran “Camp State Press.” And the next year I started law school at ASU. Now, 24 years later, my oldest son Will has started law school at ASU, even taking some of the same classes from the same professors who taught me.
Yesterday Leigh put out the first paper of the semester. And today, columnist Will Munsil debuted with an interesting piece about our fascination with the newest and the latest, and how this might affect President Obama’s public approval. After reading about Neo-Luddites, Nietzsche and dopamine, I may ask him to dumb down further columns so his Dad can understand them.
Anne is a sophomore and in charge of intramurals at Southwestern College, and is taking my class on “The Supreme Court” — so I know I’ll get to see her at least twice a week! Michael on Monday had his first day of college in the Political Science program at ASU, where he begins his study as his Mom gets ready to finish up her PhD in the same department. And then we have three more in high school and one in eighth grade, all of them doing fun and amazing things.
A quarter century has passed in a blur. Truly, life comes at you fast.

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  1. The Munsils are an impressive family, Len. Please don’t get too far removed from the Arizona political scene. Arizona needs you folks.


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