“No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed. That is the future America wants.” – President Barack Obama, speaking this morning to the United Nations.

Finally, we get the truth. Our president is telling the world that America wants to be considered the same as Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan and China. “The Great Leveling” has begun.
Of course he followed up by reminding the United Nations of all the things we have done wrong to the world, and about how much he has tried to fix since he took office. Apologizing to other nations for American exceptionalism seems to be one of the president’s core values. The next speaker — terrorist lunatic Muammar Qaddafi — didn’t feel the need to apologize for his country at all.
This is not about the relative worth of nations. It is about the greatness of the American idea — the promotion of liberty, the Judeo-Christian foundation of respect for life, liberty and property, the expansion of freedom and free markets. The American idea of freedom and self-government is BETTER than the North Korean idea, the Chinese idea, even the French idea. Not perfect, but better … and certainly not equivalent.
This is serious stuff. Our standing in the world is being diminished. Our economy is being destroyed. Our security is being threatened.
Conservatives must provide principled opposition to this madness. We cannot send any more representatives to Congress who want to work with President Obama on a milder version of his agenda.
We must find leaders who don’t want to work with the President to moderate his agenda, but are dedicated to stopping his agenda in its tracks.

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