Never before has it been so easy to do something significant to advance the cause of life in the state of Arizona!
Now, in one simple step, you can make a statement to our community about the importance of human life, and also can provide funding that will help women find positive, life-affirming solutions in difficult circumstances.
As a pro-life leader, I was involved in the formation of the Arizona Life Coalition, and strongly supported the lengthy court battle that culminated in final victory earlier this year in the U.S. Supreme Court. This victory helped establish a nationwide precedent that governments may not discriminate against the pro-life message.
Now we need to take advantage of this historic pro-life victory!
You can add to the momentum by letting your own voice be heard — influence friends, neighbors, co-workers and others with a positive, pro-life message. In addition, your “Choose Life” license plate provides critical funding to the Arizona Life Coalition — out of your $25 fee for a specialty plate, $17 will go directly to the Arizona Life Coalition to raise visibility for pregnancy resource centers!
These pregnancy resource centers are doing the work our opponents falsely claim pro-lifers neglect – providing support, counsel and encouragement to mothers and their children through difficult circumstances.
No matter when your plate is up for renewal – please go to TODAY and convert all of your plates to “Choose Life” plates! (If your plate will renew soon, the website will automatically allow you to renew early.)
The process is simple. To get your plate TODAY:
(1) Go to If you are within three months of renewal, go to “Vehicle Registration Renewal.” If your plate won’t renew for at least 90 days, then go to “Personalized/Specialty Plates.” Begin the process by entering your license plate and the last 2 digits of your vehicle identification number.
(2) When you have a chance to “Select Plate Style”, simply click on “View Available Plate Styles” and you will go to a screen with various specialty plates – including the “Choose Life” plate!
(3) Select “Choose Life” and then complete the process. Your new “Choose Life” plates will be mailed to you!
(4) During your next annual registration renewal, again pick “Choose Life” plates and another donation is made to Arizona Life Coalition in support of pregnancy resource centers!
(If you typically renew by mail or by visiting the closest MVD office, we would ask you to go to your local MVD office and order your plates there!)
Visit, where regular updates will be provided on ALC’s progress getting “Choose Life” plates on the streets of Arizona! And check out my op-ed encouraging public support for the Choose Life plates!

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