I pointed out in 2006 that Janet Napolitano’s reputation for competence was undeserved.
At the time, Arizona had the highest crime rate in the nation following her four years as attorney general and four as governor. Our borders remained completely unsecure, she had failed to improve our poor educational outcomes as promised, our transportation system was still in gridlock and we were an economic downturn away from fiscal disaster due to her constant overspending.
In a Bush fatigue year that turned into a national Democratic landslide, with Clean Elections funding restrictions preventing us from communicating with most Arizona voters, and with the opposition of most of the mainstream media, there was no way for a non-incumbent to make that message be heard in 2006.
When the economy started to turn, and the fiscal crisis she created came home to roost, she abandoned Arizona. Unfortunately, her failures here were not exposed by Republicans who were happy to have her out of Arizona, and she was easily confirmed for a job she is proving to be unqualified for.
After a series of gaffes, she is now demonstrating her cluelessness on the national stage. Even Andrew Sullivan has turned on her. Greg Patterson at Espresso Pundit is wondering about her future. And Mark Steyn, filling in today on the Rush Limbaugh show, had the most brutal two-word description: “Janet Incompetano.”
As the pressure increases, it is only a matter of time until we see the famous Napolitano temper. Meanwhile, who can we trust to keep our nation secure?

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