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Seems like lots of folks remember getting our Christmas cards and are asking for an update on our family. The photo is from Laura’s high school graduation in May. Here is the latest:
• Tracy joined the ASU faculty as a full-time lecturer, teaching four courses in “Current Issues in National Politics” and “American Political Thought” to undergraduates in ASU’s School of Politics and Global Studies. She is midway through her doctoral dissertation.
• Will is beginning his second year of law school after a summer with the Alliance Defense Fund’s Blackstone Fellowship, where he had the chance to work with a pro-life group in Texas. He is also the head high school football coach at Scottsdale Preparatory Academy, and a columnist for ASU’s State Press.
• Leigh graduated from ASU in May and is now a full-time reporter for the Dallas Morning News, where she has had three front-page stories.
• Anne is a junior at Southwestern College majoring in Biblical Studies, where she is involved as a student leader and captain on the NAIA basketball team.
• Michael is a sophomore at Southwestern College majoring in Education, and is the junior high football coach at Scottsdale Prep.
• Laura graduated from BASIS Scottsdale as valedictorian and leaves next week for Wesleyan University, a top liberal arts college in Connecticut, where she will double major in English Literature and Film Studies.
• Ellen is a high school junior, and competes in volleyball, basketball and track. She works as a gymnastics coach, and this summer was selected for the Governor’s Youth Commission for Arizona.
• Kaye is a high school sophomore, and traveled to Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Diego this summer to compete for her club basketball team.
• Matt is a freshman in high school, and plays football, basketball and baseball. Matt was the winning pitcher and hit a long home run to give us the lead when our 13-14 year-old All-Star team (I was a coach) won its district tournament by defeating the defending Little League World Series champions.
There is much more to report about all of our family, but that’s a brief overview with a heavy sports emphasis. Suffice it to say I am truly a blessed man. I hope all of you are well and thanks for asking.

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  1. Sounds like the whole family is doing wonderfully. Congratulations to Tracy on her new teaching position.
    Thanks. Lu


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