Many of you stood with me through important battles in the past, and I am grateful.
You know I have dedicated my life to fighting for the conservative Christian values that make America great.
At The Center for Arizona Policy, with your help we quickly built the most powerful pro-life, pro-family organization in the country.
Then in 2006 we stood up and warned Arizona about economic downturns, an impending budget crisis and problems at the border, and we won a Republican primary for Governor in a huge upset. In a bad year for conservatives, we laid a foundation for a political resurgence by running an unflinching, principled campaign based on traditional American values.
Now it is time for our movement to recognize this truth — we must do more than fight political battles one election at a time.
We must strategically re-take the mountains of influence that shape our culture. To do that, we have to equip and inspire a new generation of leaders.
That is one reason I am so excited to become President of Southwestern College! Imagine with me a strong Christian college in Arizona that will:
— Continue to inspire future pastors, counselors, missionaries, and worship leaders with a biblical foundation and leadership skills that will influence generations;
— Produce top-notch public policy experts equipped with an understanding of America’s heritage of faith and freedom;
— Train entrepreneurs in the prosperity-producing principles of economic freedom;
— Equip educators with a biblical worldview that prepares them for teaching truth to the next generation;
— Prepare graduates for careers of influence in social media and on-line communications.
With your help, Southwestern College will be all of that and more!
Southwestern is a fully-accredited college celebrating its 50th year, with a strong heritage of producing graduates who are leaders as pastors, business owners, teachers, musicians, and family and marriage counselors. In recent years, we have added pre-law and pre-med emphases.
Now we are adding degrees in political science, communications and biology as we become the leading Christian liberal arts institution in the southwest.
Ethical leaders are desperately needed in our nation right now. And not just in the churches – we need leadership in public office, in the media, in business, law and medicine. Restoring American greatness requires a long-term commitment to producing leaders who can transform culture.
I would be so honored if you would do two things to help this vision become a reality today:
1) If you have children, grandchildren, friends or neighbors who are in high school, tell them about the new vision at Southwestern College and encourage them to apply! Visit www.swcaz.edu for more information.
2) Please prayerfully consider your most generous, tax deductible year-end contribution to a College committed to building Christian leaders who can help us regain influence in society!
Thank you so much for your friendship and support! I hope so much that you will join me again in this new adventure! Happy New Year!

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