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I’ve been struggling with how to reconcile my Christian faith with my options when it comes to voting in the 2016 presidential election. Neither candidate is a paragon of moral virtue. Neither represents a biblical worldview understanding of politics. I wouldn’t want either to lead my local church.

Yet, I believe that voting is a fundamental obligation of Christ-followers in our free society. We’re choosing a Commander in Chief, not a Pastor-in-Chief. And a non-vote is still a vote. Christians staying home significantly effects our political system — in 2012 significantly for the worse.

Serious people of faith can — and vehemently do — differ on how to cast their votes this coming November. I’m still processing and praying, but here’s an interesting new poll that shows how Evangelical voters are looking at voting in the 2016 presidential election.

The decision to stay home on election day throws a potential third evil into the mix.


  1. Remember, a vote for Trump is a vote for Trump. See no evil, hear no evil, vote no evil.

    • I find it interesting, Wes, that Christians like you judge others to be “evil” or “not evil”. Folks, Wes thinks he’s Jesus. My Christian church is full of sinners and my God tells us that He is always ready to forgive when we have a change of heart. Stop reading the main line media and look at videos and speeches made by Trump. He is not a slick, well oiled politician. For that alone, I am voting for the man. BTW I am a 30 year resident of dc area and I’ve seen too much up close. America needs to kick out 3/4 of its politicians. He can run this country and save it with his business acumen and deal with these foreign bloodsuckerz.


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