In case you missed it, President Bush’s dog Barney — who earned the support of conservatives everywhere by biting a journalist earlier this year — released his final Christmas video from the White House. It includes cameos from Olympic stars like Michael Phelps, and more importantly, White House intern Leigh Munsil — who can be seen at the 3:24 mark in the third row, third from the right (white jacket, blue blouse) in the White House press room getting ready to hold up a “10” sign:

Leigh had an exciting fall semester working in the White House Office of Public Liaison, where her duties included interacting with faith-based organizations, giving White House tours, and rubbing elbows with famous recording stars and actors. Other details of her internship must remain classified, but I want to assure you she had nothing to do with our nation’s economic collapse, as far as we know.

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  1. Hi Len,
    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I can’t believe your youngest is 12 and you have some young adults out there taking over the world!
    Kathleen Kositzky C.


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